Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey mom and Prim its me katness are you guys ok, I'm ok over here theirs a train tracks and hear, I know this one crazy drunk guy called haymitch he gave me advice for the hunger games and I don't know if I should trust him or ignore him but he gave me a lot of food, Prim do you have any advice for me.

Prim letting you know I don't think I should trust him because he punched my friend Peeta in the jaw for no reason but I don't think I should trust or have Peeta as a friend I throwed the cookies away he dad gave me but she was trying to do something for sure because she was being nice to that crazy drunk guy "haymitch".

One last thing mom, Prim wish me good luck in my fighting and hope that I don't get tricked by Peeta or other people and hope I don't run into mines like me dad did.

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  1. Good thoughts, Joel. Make sure you always proofread your writing before you publish.