Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Summery

     My book is about a kid called Joey that gets in trouble a lot for doing dumb things in school so now he has to be homeschooled. Joey's mom traces his dad around like little kids playing a tag, well Joey gets better and is not a crazy kid he faces a problem which is getting homeschooled which doesn't look like he enjoys and he wants to go back to regular school.  Joey's best well only friend is his dog Pablo, he lives with only his Grandma and his Mom, his Dad ran off after making Joey's Mom pregnant. Joey doesn't pay attention to Mom's new boyfriend and Grandma doesn't like him, Grandma can't take care of her self meaning Mom or Joey is always helping her clean after her Grandma is always saying how she doesn't want to die but she does she told Joey that she hidden her money and that when she dies he should be the one who takes it.

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