Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blog #7

In this one book by the series name goosebumps puns there was a mask that looked normal but was hunted and Something like this happen to me, It was in Halloween I was walking with my bag of candy and there was a figure that looked like a evil creature that was one of those things and just stand there without moving and when I was walking away, the mask kept staring at me it moved where I went.

Blog #6

word bitterly  page #17
         definition: Angry or hurt

2.  word hollered  page #102

definition: loud or shout

3. word fire hydrant  page #103

definition: component of fire protection

4. word plum page # 111

definition: fruit

5. word stockyards  page #110

definition: a large yard containing pens and sheds, typically adjacent to a slaughterhouse
word terrycloth page #24
definition: fabric

word mantis  page #24
definition: a slender predatory insect